BEYONDCLIX is an established and well know PPC and Internet marketing company based in INDIA.We are a small, tightly-knit network of PPC specialists and experts from across the globe who have consistently delivered  clients great quality work with world class professionalism, intuitive turn-around time, easy continuity and clear communication; all the essentials of working in an offshore environment.

We are Google Adwords Certified and we have extensive experience with almost every PPC platform including several third-tier search engines. We are experts with the Google placement network and other PPC content networks.


Over 85% of all new visitors to a web site originate from major search engines such as Google. In today’s competitive markets, it is essential that every business implement a Google Adwords campaign that allows their customers to find them.



We develop large scale keyword lists to take advantage of both high volume  of searches as well as low click costs. We take the time to expertly research and develop multi-word phrases to use as keywords.


We implement conversion tracking using any tracking system of your choice. Should you not be employing tracking yet, we provide you with a tracking solution based on your needs and what you can afford.



We develop compelling and highly relevant ad messages that ensure more traffic at lower costs, mixing creativity with technical know-how and online best practices.


We report frequent reporting mechanisms according to your availability and needs so that you have are able to track your ROI while maintaining a higher degree of control on your spending.


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Sorry, This Offer is Now Closed We’re seething with excitement at this new offer. Those of you who may know us know that we are a network of PPC experts from across the country, collaborating...


Is anyone in your firm AdWords Qualified or a Yahoo/Bing Ambassador?

All our senior analysts are qualified under our company’s “My Client Center”, making us an Adwords certified company. We are not yet Yahoo/Bing Ambassadors; we’re working on that.

What is your agency’s billing model for PPC: percentage of spend, percentage of revenue, monthly fee, hybrid?

We do not offer %age of adspend as an engagement model. We do offer hourly, monthly, etc. Our pricing info is available on our pricing page.

Do you have a monthly PPC minimum spend?

No. But is is preferred that you assign a sizeable amount to PPC as it is a more effective medium of generating sales and leads than traditional advertising, and it is advisable to test with a good amount of traffic before taking a decision on the efficacy of PPC for your business.

What method does your firm use to manage PPC: by hand, by automation (what tool), hybrid?

We do everything manually but we are open to using tools of your preference should you feel them to be more cost effective. We can help you pick them as well.

Do you use our credit card, your agency’s or another method? How will you invoice us?

We are never privy to your credit card information neither do we ask you for your credit card information. On accounts that you own, you will need to enter the credit card information yourself. We will guide you on how to do this.

What reports do you typically send clients, and at what interval?

We have weekly, fortnightly and monthly reporting sheets setup in Google Docs for each client/account. We can discuss more or less frequent reporting depending on your requirements and our engagement/pricing model. In the case of fixed monthly fees, the frequency is fortnightly and monthly.