BEYONDCLIX is a well-established Google Ads management agency  based in New Zealand. We are a small, tightly-knit team of specialists, consistently delivering high-performance campaigns with world-class professionalism.


Over 85% of all new visitors to a website originate from major search engines such as Google. In today’s competitive markets, it is essential that every business implement Google Ads campaigns that enable their customers to find them.



We develop large scale keyword lists and painstakingly research and develop longtail (multi-word) keywords to take advantage of both high volumes of searches as well as lower click costs.


We track everything from eye-balls to foot-falls and beyond. We make sure that every advertising dollar is accounted for and is spent wisely to deliver optimal returns.



We develop compelling and highly relevant ad messages that ensure more traffic at lower costs, mixing creativity with technical know-how and Google Ads practices.


We regularly share performance reports to keep you abreast of how your campaigns are doing, reporting on key metrics such as audience, traffic, engagement, conversion and ROAS (return on ad-spend).



Is anyone in your firm Google Ads Qualified?

All our senior analysts are qualified under our company’s “My Client Center”, making us an Google Ads-certified partner.

What is your agency’s billing model for PPC: percentage of spend, percentage of revenue, monthly fee, hybrid?

We do not offer %age of adspend as an engagement model. We do offer hourly, monthly, etc. Our pricing info is available on our pricing page.

Do you have a monthly PPC minimum spend?

No. But is is preferred that you assign a sizeable amount to PPC as it is a more effective medium of generating sales and leads than traditional advertising, and it is advisable to test with a good amount of traffic before taking a decision on the efficacy of PPC for your business.

What method does your firm use to manage PPC: manually or via automation tools?

We do everything manually with the help of some productivity tools such as Excel and Google Ads Editor. We employ automation in cases of large accounts (e.g. accounts with over 500,000 keywords) where manual bid management is not practical.

What reports do you typically send clients, and at what interval?

We have weekly, fortnightly and monthly reporting options. We can discuss more or less frequent reporting depending on your requirements and our engagement/pricing model. In the case of fixed monthly fees, the frequency is monthly.