Special pricing for Affiliate Marketers

We offer a unique service for Affiliate Marketers who wish to use pay-per-click marketing to drive razor-targeted  traffic to their web properties, or even directly to merchant/advertiser/vendor landing pages.

We have created a special package specifically for Affiliate Marketers, wherein we offer a risk-free pricing package that involves an extremely low base fee* and the rest of the remuneration purely based on a small share of the profits we generate for you!

For detailed information on the pricing for affiliates, please visit our pricing for affiliates page or just drop us a line telling us about yourself and your business, and we will send you a formal proposal. Try us; you will not be disappointed!




Investment Opportunity

In partnership with BeyondClix, an Affiliate Marketing Company, we also have a unique investment opportunity for affiliate marketers and those who are just interested in investing in an internet-based business.

Having identified a select few products/services that convert well and pay very good commissions, with some campaigns averaging between 60-70% ROI, BeyondClix is looking to reach out to interested investors.

Investment can be as low as $500 (no less) and as high as $5000 (no more). The  returns we offer is 12%/month on the invested amount. And the repayment occurs 3 months after the date of investment. So at the end of 3 months, you would receive 36% returns on your investment.

Read more about this fantastic money-multiplying offer here.