Keyword Research

[4-April-14 10:53:28]
We develop large scale keyword lists to take advantage of both high volume of searches as well as low click costs. We take the time...

Creative Ad Services

[3-April-14 9:41:31]
We develop compelling and highly relevant ad messages that ensure more traffic at lower costs.

Conversion Tracking

[2-April-14 10:08:24]
We implement conversion tracking using any tracking system of your choice. Should you not be employing tracking yet, we can provide you with a end-to-end...

Daily Optimization

[1-April-14 10:34:26]
We monitor campaigns and ensure consistently greater performance and cost efficiency.

Regular Reporting

[31-March-14 11:49:18]
We report frequent reporting mechanisms according to your availability and needs so that you have are able to track your ROI while maintaining a higher...