SpyFu is an online keyword research tool. It allows you to download your competitor’s adwords and keywords, PPC keywords, daily budget, bid prices, clicks / day and other useful facts and figures. And now you can also compare websites and even add your domain into the comparison with SpyFu Kombat.

Velocityscape is the company behind SpyFu. It first started out as Googspy and after listening to their customer’s needs, they eventually re-developed and changed the name to SpyFu. SpyFu now has 20 times more data and many more features than its predecessor.

SpyFu not only allows you to spy on and download your competitors’ keywords, but it also allows you to compare several sites including your own so you never have to miss any crucial strategies that will put you ahead of your competitors. If you are still not sure, you can always try SpyFu for 3 (three) days which will give you full access to the member’s area. Or you can always try out their site for free, though you will only get around 10% of what the site can really do for you. Once you are subscribed to SpyFu, you will be given unlimited access to advanced analytics, powerful advanced search, the ability to export your keyword lists into Excel and more.

The cost of SpyFu susbscriptions depends on what plan you wish to be subscribed to. Below is a short table with the available plans on SpyFu.

US + UK Recurring Monthly Subscription$79.95
US Recurring Monthly Subscription$49.95
US Recurring Annual Subscription$395.00
US + UK Recurring Annual Subscription$649.00
US 1 month Subscription$64.95
US 1 year Subscription$415.00
US 3 day trial$18.95