KeywordSpy is a keyword research tool that tracks down keywords that your competitors are using in their online advertising campaigns. The keywords are being gauged based on PPC, ad ranks and the number of competitors bidding.

KeywordSpy is a great tool that you can use to get information on your competitor’s keywords. And even if they don’t have a money-back guarantee, you can always sign up for a free trial that you can use before you sign up for a subscription. If it does not work out, you can always cancel that, so you have nothing to lose if you want to try it out.

What you get from your subscription depends on what package you are subscribed to. Most of these packages include thousand up to unlimited numbers of keywords, pay per click intelligence data, affiliate marketing intelligence, affiliate networks, several export options and alerts about your competitors keywords.

KeywordSpy is a leader in keyword research technology and competitive intelligence to search engine advertisers. It is a privately owned company founded in 2004 by a group of professional online enthusiasts who have started out as site owners and affiliates. They are very dedicated in bringing a reliable keyword research tool in the web.

The cost for KeywordSpy depends on the package that you want to avail. They currently have 4 different packages to suit every business needs, from the small advertisers to multi-national brand companies. The form of payment is on a monthly subscription basis and the pricing is as follows. Research package costs $89.95, this is suited for small advertisers and is used for researching competitor keywords and understanding strategies. The Tracking package costs $89.95, this is also suited for small advertisers and is used for real-time tracking of competitors in 3 search engines in 17 countries. The Professional package costs $139.95, this is targeted for mid-level businesses and is a combination of both the research and tracking modules. Also availble is the Enterprise package, the subscription for this is paid annually. It is aimed towards multi-national companies and corporate SEO agencies. If you are interested in the Enterprise package, you can send them a message through email.

KeywordSpy does not offer a refund once you decide to cancel your subscription. However, once you cancel, you can still use the remainig days that are left in your paid susbscription.