, formerly Ask Jeeves, is an Internet search engine which also owns variety of popular web sites including country-specific sites for Germany, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, and Spain plus,,,,, and several others. The combined traffic to its properties places in the top ten parent web companies in the US. is a part of IAC Search & Media (part of IAC/InterActive Corp.), with headquarters in Oakland, California.

The keyword auction model pricing is based upon what is called the “eCPM ranking,” which is defined as the cost per click multiplied by the clickthrough rate. Your ad will be ranked using its eCPM rank in relation to other listings bidding on the same keyword(s). The minimum cost per click needed to guarantee placement at the top of the sponsored listings is known as the reserve price and is based upon “market intelligence” and CPCs already in place. A forecast of expected ad spend for a month is provided to advertisers. Budgets can be set for a campaign, for a daily spend or for a month’s worth of advertising. The network includes, InfoSpace, Dogpile, Excite, and CNET, among others. Recent addition is a nice local search option.