First launched in 1996, LinkShare is one of the largest affiliate networks on the Internet. The pioneering network helps connect merchants with online affiliates who then sell products through their own websites in order to earn a commission. Web developers looking for an effective way to generate income through their websites should consider joining this exclusive merchant network.How does LinkShare work? Once your join the LinkShare network, you are given access to a wide variety of merchants and products. You then select items and place links on your website. Every time someone follows one of these links and makes a purchase, you earn a commission on the total amount of the sale.

Since there are numerous affiliate programs and networks to choose from, you should consider the advantages of this program before you decide if LinkShare is right for your needs. One of the greatest benefits of the LinkShare network is that it provides access to some of the biggest and best online merchants, including Dell, Disney and Apple iTunes. If you want to offer brand recognition and popular products on your website, Linkshare is a great choice.

LinkShare also has a good reputation for reliability and simplicity. Affiliate partners are able to choose from a wide range of products and link types, which can then be easily added to a website or blog. This allows you too quickly add new product links or modify old links to feature new or updated items.

Superior online services coupled with technological innovations are what allows LinkShare to have an edge over its competitors. The company takes pride in providing a complete array of online marketing services like, SEM and Lead Generation, to numerous ecommerce businesses. LinkShare’s extensive performance marketing network and patented technology, are some of the excellent features advertisers can use, to increase their online sales.

Besides, the company’s consultative services, LinkShare Search Advantage, LinkShare Lead Advantage and Media Tracker, are some of the other services, highly recommended to be used by the advertisers. It is for this reason that, LinkShare can successfully boast of creating over 10 million network of affiliate partners and of being the first of its kind to achieve sustained profitability.

One of the recent additions in LinkShare are the ‘Flex links’. Flex Links enable publishers and advertisers to work together, in order to track revenue through rich content as well as to develop product information using video and flash. Some other important features that LinkShare is known to offer include, Easy Links and Contextual Product Ads. Using such intelligent link technology, several businesses are provided with an opportunity to have ultimate high conversion rates leading to the generation of greater revenues.

In order to reward the advertisers and publishers for their good work, LinkShare Corporation organizes the LinkShare Golden Links Awards ceremony. The awards are administered depending upon the good standing of the advertisers and publishers and the winners are wisely selected by the E-commerce Council. Some of the prominent companies utilizing the online affiliate services of LinkShare include, J.C. Penney, American Express, Avon Products and a lot many others.