Commission Junction has a variety of websites to use at making extra money from you website or blog. They are the premier network of affiliate marketing. This website is easy to use with tracking and multiple site availability. Commission Junction or brings together advertisers and publishers on to one platform with a comprehensive range of services in the affiliate marketing and management space for a variety of products listed on their system.

Commission Junction functions as a third party, offering services like tracking sales, furnishing reports and it primarily works on pay per performance model. As a trusted third party, Commission Junction tracks, serves, reports and pays on every pay-for-performance transaction.

All that is required on your part is to select a product from an online store which is compatible with the Commission Junction network. Then sign up with commission junction as a publisher or a reseller or an affiliate and you will be provided with commission junction ID. Signing up as a reseller/affiliate/publisher is FREE.

You can direct traffic to the site embedding your commission junction Id in all advertiser’s ads, text links, or product links on their web site. You can opt for a variety of advertising channels like Adwords or free Ads, and other marketing strategies like forums/blog postings with back links, ezine advertising, egroup marketing, and article submissions and so on to drive traffic to the advertiser’s products.

You will be paid commission on leads or sales by the advertiser through commission junction. Is it not simple? What are you waiting for?