Pricing for Direct Advertisers and Agencies

We are in all probability the most flexible firm with regards to our engagement models. The list of active engagement models that we have so far engaged our clients with are:

Other Terms:
  • Other payment terms can be decided mutually.
  • Our price does not include the purchase of the sponsored listings or the necessary tracking technology. The price refers only to our service fee for pay per click management.
  • Design, copywriting, tech-work etc., if required, may be outsourced by us to partners we trust, with a strict 30% markup, no more and no less, on their service fee.
Why Outsource?
    • Outsourcing can be a strategic tool for making your business more productive and profitable, while giving you the opportunity to concentrate on what matters more; your organization’s primary business objectives.
    • The key advantages of outsourcing is that it enables you to invest your resources into more profitable activities, and improves the ratio of output to input.
Why outsource to us?

Our advertising network comprises of all major search engines, corresponding with 95% of English speaking website traffic worldwide. We offer in our management services on all of them. For a list of networks in our active portfolio, please visit our ppc networks page

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