BeyondClix helped us with our online marketing strategies both local and international, for the launch and sustained sales of all our products. They did this with the utmost sincerity and efficiency, proving themselves to be talented and more-than-able online media strategists.
Abhay Mehta, Cypherix
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BeyondClix are a hard-working team who understand the aims and outcomes of a project from the beginning and are effective in seeing these aims through, always completing them on time. Through all those years, they performed remarkably well. They are resourceful and dynamic and have particular ability with problem solving. They are passionate at work and always willing to take over...
Saurabh Majumdar, WebExcel Solutions
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WebExcel Solutions

The BeyondClx team are highly competent in their field. They are able to setup campaigns in highly competitive niches (car rental niche for US, AUS and NZ market). They drove highly successful results that are still generating profits until today, and to make it even more delightful, they were able to do it all in a very cost effective manner...
Albertus Sulistiono, Metaklika LLC
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Metaklika LLC

I have found the BeyondClix team to be creative, dedicated and enthusiastic. They have demonstrated skill and talent in being able to deliver what they promise in terms of performance in a consistent manner.
Ratan KK, GutsGo
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As the service provider for managing our search marketing campaigns on Google Adwords, Samar has delivered remarkable results in a consistent and timely manner, where he has demonstrated domain expertise and creativity, making him a worthy marketing partner. Samar is always exploring new ideas to benefit the brand and website sales. His ideas and implementation have resulted in significant growth in our revenue and profitability.
Jeremy Leitch, Store DJ
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Store DJ