The BeyondClx team are highly competent in their field. They are able to setup campaigns in highly competitive niches (car rental niche for US, AUS and NZ market). They drove highly successful results that are still generating profits until today, and to make it even more delightful, they were able to do it all in a very cost effective manner during a time when we were not cash rich.

Setting up the search marketing campaigns are so easy for them. Campaign setup, campaign audit, remarketing, Google Display Ads; they master every Google Adwords feature, and many more. They can optimize any campaign and enhance ROI. They can also provide accurate cost and earnings estimates, which are invaluable in planning budgets for campaigns. Their skills include expertise in the use of Google Analytics and other tools to help improve and enhance profitability of online marketing campaigns.

Albertus Sulistiono, Metaklika LLC
Albertus Sulistiono

Metaklika LLC

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