Limited Time Offer

Sorry, This Offer is Now Closed

We’re seething with excitement at this new offer.

Those of you who may know us know that we are a network of PPC experts from across the country, collaborating under one banner to provide only the best PPC management service.

We have decided to introduce a new pricing model, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. We will be reducing our monthly pricing from our usual Rs. 22,455* ($499) to an ridiculous Rs. 11,250* ($250) per month ONLY!!!

*Performance Incentives and other T&Cs apply.
Please contact us for details.

The PPC Specialists whets the members of it’s network for the highest degree of expertise and competence. And all our work is routed through a tightly-controlled approvals routing system, monitored closely by our top in-house specialists, before the work is implemented into our clients’ accounts.

The members of our network can handle only so much work. Therefore we will be pulling this pricing out as soon as all the spots are filled.


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